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The Cornell Institute of Archaeology and Material Studies (CIAMS) coordinates archaeological activities at Cornell through a consortium of graduate students and faculty affiliated with departments of Anthropology, Classics, History of Art, Landscape Architecture and Near Eastern Studies. CIAMS encourages research, interaction, and innovation in all areas of archaeology and material studies, and provides undergraduate and graduate instruction through its affiliated departments. CIAMS promotes diverse theoretical, methodological, and historical approaches to archaeology that inform the fundamental materiality of the human condition across time and space. More about CIAMS …

What’s happening at CIAMS?

Pilkington tophet

Classics Colloquium: Classics Post-doctoral fellow Nathan Pilkington, “The Tophet: Myth, History and Demographic Reality,” Tues Oct. 21 at 4:30 in GS 122.  Pilkington takes a post-colonial view of the historiography on Phoenician-Carthaginian infant sacrifice, together with recent osteoarchaeology and demographic modeling, to argue against the notion of ritualized sacrifice presented in Classical sources.


CIAMS LectureBrown University Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology Peter van Dommelen,  ”Connected Communities: Undocumented Migration and Material Practices in the West Mediterranean,” Wed. Nov 5, 2014, 5:30 pm  G22 Goldwin Smith Hall. Dr. van Dommelen does fieldwork on Sardinia, concentrating on landscapes, colonialism and connectivity in the 1st millennium BC.


AIA Lecture: Shelley Wachsmann, PhD (Texas A&M University), “Wheels, Wagons and the Transport of Ships Overland in Antiquity,” Tues  Nov 11, 2014, 6 pm at G22 Goldwin Smith Hall. Wachsmann examines the evidence for ships, boats—and  their replicas—having been transported overland, the reasons for doing so, and how this was done in Egypt and Greece.  

CIAMS contest collage

Pursuing ‘the CAPPy’: the First Annual CIAMS Archaeological Photography Prize is underway! Entries accepted until International Archaeology Day (Oct. 18), and voting will close Oct. 25. 


satrapCIAMS Workshop: Cornell Assistant Professor of Near Eastern Studies Lori Khatchadourian discussed a chapter from her book in progress,  The Satrapal Condition: Archaeology and the Matter of Empire, in an open forum CIAMS workshop. Bringing own lunch is encouraged. Thurs Oct. 16, 2014 at 12:10,  Landscapes and Objects Lab (LOL, 125 McGraw).

RadioCIAMS: our podcast series, wherein we probe the critical debates in archaeology in conversation between leading practitioners and the next generation of researchers. Latest podcasts here…

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