Identity, degree pursued Interests

BittenbenderJenna Bittenbender
M.A. Archaeology

CIAMSBreitweiserWilliam Breitweiser
M.A. Archaeology
  • Classical archaeology
  • Greek and Roman art
  • gender and social identity
  • museum studies
Liana Brent photoLiana Brent
Ph.D. Classics
  • Roman funerary archaeology
  • Greek and Roman sculpture
  • Ancient iconography
  • Museum collections
Cameron thumbAsa Cameron
M.A. Archaeology
  • zooarchaeology
  • animal-human interrelations
  • isotopic analysis
  • Eurasian archaeology
  • mobile pastoralism in Mongolia
Michaela Carignano
Ph.D. Classics
Carrington HeadshotJennifer Carrington
Ph.D. Classics
  • Greco-Roman Egypt
  • materiality
  • Ancient trade
  • museum studies

Bonnie Etter
M.A. Archaeology

Perri thumbPerri Gerard-Little
Ph.D. Anthropology
  • North America (Iroquois)
  • human/landscape interactions
  • archaeogeophysics
  • colonialism
john.gorczykJohn Gorczyk
Ph.D. Anthropology
  • zooarchaeology
  • human-animal interaction
  • hunting and herding
  • Bulgaria and SE Europe
  • European prehistory
s200_julia.gruhotJulia Gruhot
M.A. Archaeology
  • Near Eastern and Eastern Mediterranean history and archaeology
  • Nationalism and war-zone archaeology
  • Late Bronze Age Collapse
  • Sociopolitical and cultural complexities
  • Archaeological sciences
HardyElizabeth Hardy
Ph.D. Anthropology
  • Eurasia
  • law
  • illicit artifact trade
Hensellek pic thumbBetty Hensellek
Ph.D. History of Art
  • Iron Age through Medieval Eurasia
  • body adornment and portable objects
  • the Silk and Fur Routes
  • nomadic communities
  • periphery states
  • ‘barbarians’ on the edges of empires

Taylor Hummel
M.A. Archaeology


Katie JarrielKatie Jarriel
Ph.D. Classics

  • Aegean prehistory
  • Classical archaeology
  • landscape archaeology
  • 3D and digital applications

Kearns thumbKatie Kearns
Ph.D. Classics

  • Bronze and Iron Age East Mediterranean
  • landscapes and social boundaries
  • archaeological science and paleoclimate

KotsoglouAnastasia Kotsoglou
Ph.D. Anthropology

  • Mesoamerica
  • Human-landscape interactions
  • Commoner variability
  • Digital archaeology and 3D modeling 
  • Technology of bodily adornment 

Lashway picNicholas Lashway
M.A. Archaeology

  • nationalism and archaeology
  • heritage management at Petra
Jeffrey Leon
Ph.D. Classics

Fredrika Loew
M.A. Archaeology

MastandreaWilliam Mastandrea
M.A. Archaeology
  • Aegean Prehistory
  • Ceramic Analysis
  • Cultural Identity
  • Dendrovolcanology

EilisColloseumEilis Monahan
Ph.D. Near Eastern Studies
Blog: girlarchaeologist

  • Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean and Levant
  • materiality and landscape
  • ceramic analysis
  • sociopolitical complexity and social boundaries
Louisa Nash
M.A. Archaeology
Nils Niemeier
Ph.D. Classics
  • Classical Archaeology
  • zooarchaeology
  • archaeobotany
  • animal-human interactions
  • plant-human interactions
  • Greek and Roman Medicine

PfundsteinJessica Pfundstein
M.A. Archaeology

  • Greco-Roman Egypt
  • object agency
  • materiality and performance
  • identity formation
  • Empire and province relations
Leah Ross
Ph.D. Classics

Sanft_picSamantha Sanft
Ph.D. Anthropology

  • North America
  • protohistoric Iroquois archaeology
  • exchange of exotic materials

Seufer_CIAMS websiteKatherine Seufer
M.A. Archaeology
Dendro page

  • dendroarchaeology
  • Roman Imperial History
  • Roman Pannonia
DavidTorreydeFreschevilleDavid Torrey de Frescheville
M.A. Archaeology
  • Ancient gardens
  • landscape archaeology
  • Greek and Roman art and archaeology
  • digital archaeology and representation
  • gender and social identity
Weber headshotKathryn Weber
Ph.D. Anthropology
  • Bronze Age South Caucasus
  • power and social Inequality
  • human-animal relations
  • political and mortuary landscapes