Identity & Degree Pursued Research Interests
evan_allenEvan Allen
Ph.D. Art History
  • Roman provincial art and architecture
  • frontier studies
  • Roman numismatics
  • media of archaeology
Sam BarberSam Barber
Ph.D. Medieval Studies
  • Late Antique and Early Medieval art and architecture
  • Ravenna and Ostrogothic Italy
  • Late Antique archaeology
  • Late Antique ethnicity and identity
  • landscape and materiality
BittenbenderJenna Bittenbender
M.A. Archaeology
  • Aegean prehistory
  • maritime archaeology
  • social complexity
  • trade connectivity
  • coastal and island communities
dusti_bridgesDusti Bridges
M.A. Archaeology
  • historical archaeology
  • native North America
  • colonialism
  • digital heritage
Gabrielle BorensteinGabrielle Borenstein
Ph.D. Anthropology
  • Near Eastern prehistory
  • Chalcolithic through Early Bronze Age Eurasia and the Levant
  • human-landscape interactions
  • belief formation and development
ciams-kbreedenKelli Breeden
M.A. Archaeology
  • Pre-Columbian complex societies
  • Religious architecture 
  • Preindustrial urbanism
Liana_Brent_photo04Liana Brent
Ph.D. Classics
  • Roman funerary archaeology
  • Greek and Roman sculpture
  • ancient iconography
  • museum collections
Polly Anna EganPolly Anna Burnette-Egan
M.A. Archaeology
  • animal husbandry
  • Near Eastern, Eurasian complex societies
  • zooarchaeology
  • creation of inequality
micky_carignano_01(crop)Michaela Carignano
Ph.D. Classics
  • Bronze Age Crete
  • Minoan ceramics
  • household archaeology
  • feasting
Jenny CarringtonJennifer Carrington
Ph.D. Classics
  • Greco-Roman Egypt
  • materiality
  • ancient trade
  • museum studies
Chelsea ColeChelsea Cole
M.A. Archaeology
  • Aegean prehistory
  • Aegean state formation
  • ancient ethnicity
  • foundation myths
  • digital humanities
andrew_crocker_01Andrew Crocker
M.A. Archaeology
  • imperialism
  • Roman-era marginalized peoples
amy cromartieAmy Cromartie
Ph.D. Anthropology
  • agricultural landscapes
  • Eurasia
  • paleoethnobotany
  • palynology
yuan_fang_01_cropYuan Fang
M.A. Archaeology
  • China, East Asia
  • ceramic analysis
  • minority groups in China
  • ancient painting and calligraphy
Ned FischerNed Fischer
M.A. Archaeology
  • material culture of ancient Rome and Greece
  • ancient warfare
  • historical archaeology
  • ancient trade
Kathleen Garland
Ph.D. Classics
  • landscape, materiality, identity in ancient Near East
  • ancient texts
Perri Gerard-LittlePerri Gerard-Little
Ph.D. Anthropology
  • Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Archaeology and History
  • human/landscape interactions
  • archaeogeophysics
  • colonialism
  • wood charcoal
Rebecca GerdesRebecca Gerdes
Ph.D. Classics
  • Hellenistic Greece in the Aegean
  • food, natural resources, and paleodiet
  • organic residue analysis
  • paleoclimatology
  • archaeological chemistry
john.gorczykJohn Gorczyk
Ph.D. Anthropology
  • zooarchaeology
  • human-animal interaction
  • hunting and herding
  • Bulgaria and SE Europe
  • European prehistory
s200_julia.gruhotJulia Gruhot
M.A. Archaeology
  • Near Eastern and Eastern Mediterranean history and archaeology
  • nationalism and war-zone archaeology
  • Late Bronze Age Collapse
  • sociopolitical and cultural complexities
  • archaeological sciences
Betty HensellekBetty Hensellek
Ph.D. History of Art
  • first millennium CE Inner Eurasia
  • Silk Roads
  • dress and textiles
  • cross-cultural exchange
Jeanine HoyJeanine Hoy
M.A. Archaeology
  • Bronze and Iron Age Anatolia
  • identity construction
  • historical archaeology
  • ceramic analysis
  • mortuary ritual
Taylor Hummel
M.A. Archaeology
KJarrielHeadshotThumbKatie Jarriel
Ph.D. Classics
  • Aegean prehistory
  • Bronze Age Cycladic archaeology
  • human-landscape interactions
  • 3D and digital applications
Anastasia Kotsoglou
Ph.D. Anthropology
  • Mesoamerica
  • human-landscape interactions
  • commoner and non-elite variability
  • politics and resistance 
  • applied digital mapping techniques 
Eilis MonahanEilis Monahan
Ph.D. Near Eastern Studies
  • Bronze Age Eastern Mediterranean and Levant
  • materiality and landscape
  • ceramic analysis
  • sociopolitical complexity and social boundaries
Louisa Nash
M.A. Archaeology
Jess PfundsteinJessica Pfundstein
M.A. Archaeology

  • Greco-Roman Egypt
  • object agency
  • materiality and performance
  • identity formation
  • empire and province relations
Plant_JessicaJessica Plant
Ph.D. Art History
  • Late Antique art and archaeology
  • collapse of Western Roman Empire
  • ritual, religion, and material culture in the late Roman and Byzantine empires
Danielle Reid
Ph.D. Medieval Studies
  • Late Antique Archaeology
  • Byzantine Archaeology
  • Greek and Roman Statues
  • early Islamic Art and Architecture
Beth Ryan
Ph.D. Anthropology
  • Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) archaeology and history
  • reservation communities
  • settler colonialism
  • politics of scholarship
Sanft_picSamantha Sanft
Ph.D. Anthropology
  • 16th cent. northeastern North America
  • Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Archaeology
  • exchange of exotic materials
  • items of personal adornment
laryssa shipleyLaryssa Shipley
M.A. Archaeology
  • connectivity in the eastern Mediterranean
  • intercultural exchange and its influence on Near Eastern art, architecture, and religion
  • Iron Age – Hellenistic material culture
  • trade between the Classical world and the Near East
Cale StaleyCale Staley
Ph.D. Near Eastern Studies

  • gender in the Ancient Near East
  • digital humanities
  • Persian, Second Temple periods
  • visualization of remains, texts
Emily StantonEmily Stanton
M.A. Archaeology
Project Website
  • recycling and re-use
  • preservation and collections
  • Medieval and Classical archaeology
Sophia TaborskiSophia Taborski
Ph.D. Classics
  • Mediterranean divination
  • materiality and ritual of ancient religions
  • interaction between object and text
  • ancient and modern viewing contexts and experiences
  • concepts of natural and artificial
Kaja Tally-Schumacher
Ph.D. History of Art
  • ancient gardens
  • domestic space
  • use of space and visual language in political discourse
  • early 20th century architecture
DavidTorreydeFreschevilleDavid Torrey de Frescheville
M.A. Archaeology
  • ancient gardens
  • landscape archaeology
  • Greek and Roman art and archaeology
  • digital archaeology and representation
  • gender and social identity
Juliana Van Roggen
M.A. Archaeology
  • digital technology
  • ancient urban infrastructure
Weber headshotKathryn Weber
Ph.D. Anthropology
  • Bronze Age South Caucasus
  • power and social Inequality
  • human-animal relations
  • political and mortuary landscapes
jay_weimarJason Weimar
M.A. Archaeology
  • Hebrew bible and ancient Israel
  • gender in the ancient Near East
  • early pre-Islamic Arabia
  • epigraphic South Arabian
Erin Wright
M.A. Archaeology
  • Anatolia
  • water acquisition and complication