Faculty and Staff

Sturt Manning
Professor and Directorsm456@cornell.edu
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• Aegean and east Mediterranean prehistory
• Classical archaeology
• Development of complex societies
• Climate change
• Archaeological science
Adam T. Smith
Professor and Director of Graduate Studiesats73@cornell.edu
• Complex Societies, State Formation, and Politics
• Space and Landscape
• Representation and Aesthetics
• Bronze and Iron Ages of the South Caucasus, Southwest Asia and central Eurasia
Caitlín Barrett
Assistant Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studiesceb329@cornell.edu
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• Greco-Roman Egypt
• Hellenistic Eastern Mediterranean
• Archaeology of religion
• Ethnicity and identity in antiquity
• Cultural, religious, and trade connections between Egypt and the Mediterranean world
Christopher Monroe
Senior Lecturer and 
Assistant Directorcmonroe@cornell.edu
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 Near Eastern Studies
• Archaeology of the Bronze Age Near East and Eastern Mediterranean
• Assyriology and Egyptology
• the Phoenicians
• Trade and intercultural relations
• Nautical/maritime archaeology
Annetta Alexandridis
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studiesaa376@cornell.edu
History of Art
• Iconography of Greek Myth
• Humans and animals
• Roman sculpture
• Archaeology and its media
Benjamin Anderson
Assistant Professorbwa32@cornell.edu
History of Art
• Late Antique and Byzantine art and architecture
• Archaeology and architectural history of medieval Anatolia
Sherene Baugher
Landscape Architecture
• Historical and urban archaeology
• Class, status and ethnicity
• Historic preservation
• Landscape archaeology North America
Ananda Cohen Suarez
Assistant Professoraic42@cornell.edu
History of Art
• Andean Anthropology and Archaeology
• Pre-Columbian and colonial Latin America
• Visual and material culture
• Archaeologies of colonialism
• Race, ethnicity, and indigeneity
Magnus Fiskesjö
Associate Professornf42@cornell.edu
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• Asian anthropology and archaeology
• States, borders, and ethnic relations
• Global cultural heritage issues
• Museum studies
Frederic W. Gleach
Senior Lecturerfwg1@cornell.edu
• North America (particularly Algonquians and NWC), The Caribbean
• Identity and Representation
• Colonialism (exchange and warfare)
• Museum and material culture
• History of archaeology and anthropology
Kathryn L. Gleason
Associate Professorklg16@cornell.edu
Landscape Architecture
• Landscape and garden archaeology
• Design and conservation of archaeological
sites: Roman and Near Eastern
John S. Henderson
• Archaeology of complex societies
• Writing systems
• Settlement patterns
• Ceramic analysis
• Mesoamerica and Andes
Kurt Jordan
Associate Professorkj21@cornell.edu
AnthropologyAmerican Indian Program
• Historical archaeology of indigenous peoples
• Political economy
• North America (particularly Iroquois)
Lori Khatchadourian
Assistant Professorlk323@cornell.edu
Near Eastern Studies
• Archaeology of empire
• Social archaeology
• Eurasia and the South Caucasus
• Achaemenid Persian Empire
Lauren Monroe
Associate Professorlm283@cornell.edu
Near Eastern Studies
• Hebrew bible studies
• Syro-Palestinian archaeology
• Ancient Israelite religious and social history
Verity Platt
Associate Professorvjp33@cornell.edu
ClassicsHistory of Art
• Greek and Roman art history
• The visual and material culture of religion
• Relationships between image and text
• Historiography of Classical art and archaeology
Eric Rebillard
• Late Antiquity and Early Christianity
• Archaeology of Religion
• Roman funerary archaeology
Nerissa Russell
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• Neolithic
• Zooarchaeology and bone tools
• Gender
• Human-animal relations
• European and Near Eastern
Barry Strauss - Orvieto - Oct 2012Barry Strauss
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History, Classics
•military history, esp. Greece and Rome
•rowing, ancient and modern
•war and peace in antiquity
Thomas P. Volman
Associate Professortpv1@cornell.edu
• Stone Age archaeology
• Paleoanthropology
• Old World, especially southern Africa
Post-doctoral associates
UtharaUthara Suvrathanstarting Fall 2014
  • archaeology of South Asia
  • complex societies, state formation
  • religion
  • intermediate elite groups
  • regional capitals
  • text and archaeology
  • landscape 
 Michelle Machicekmichelle.machicek@ cornell.edu • Archaeology of Central Asia and mobile pastoralism
• Physical anthropology, human skeletal analysis
• Isotope analysis, diet, health and mobility
• Human-environment interactions
Donna Duncan
Graduate Field Assistant
261 McGraw Hall
(607) 255-6768
Margaret Rolfe
Undergraduate Coordinator
(607) 255-5137