Master’s Program ARKEO courses by distribution


3210/6210 Historical Archaeology (Jordan)
3245/6245 Across the Seas: Contacts between the Americas and the Old World Before Columbus (Henderson)
3248/6248 Iroquois Archaeology (Jordan)

3255/6255 Archaeology of Mexico and Central America (Henderson)
3256/7256 Ancient Civilization of the Andes (Henderson)
3600/6660 Preindustrial Cities/Towns North America (Baugher)
4216/6256 Maya History (Henderson)
4220/7220 Inkas and their Empire (Henderson)
4233/6233 Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology (Alexandridis)

4256 Books of Fate, Books of the Ancestors (Henderson)
4262/7262 Çatalhöyük and Archaeological Practice (Russell)
4268/7268 Aztecs and Their Empire: Myth, History, Politics (Henderson)
4272/6272 Historical Archaeology of Indigenous Peoples (Jordan)
4351/6351 Problems in Byzantine Art (Anderson)
4517/7517 Saving Synagogues: Architecture, Historic Preservation, and Commemoration (Gruber)
4550 Archaeology of Phoenicians (C. Monroe)
4633/6633 New Directions in Near Eastern Archaeology (Khatchadourian)

4635 Advanced Introduction to Greek and Roman Culture (Barrett)
4650 Hellenistic Religions (Barrett)
4664/6664 Late Bronze World-Ugarit (C. Monroe)
4739 Archaeology of the Aegean Bronze Age (Manning)
5450 Parks and Imperial Flora of Ancient Rome (Gleason)
7729 Emergence of Greek Civilization (Manning)
7743 Archaeology of the Hellenistic Mediterranean (Barrett)
7754 Themes in Mediterranean Archaeology (Barrett, Manning)


3270/6270 Environmental Archaeology (Manning)
3235/6235 Bioarchaeology (Velasco)
4011/6211 Ceramic Analysis for Archaeology (Khatchadourian)
4020/6020 Designing Archaeological Exhibits (Baugher)
4066 Identifying and Interpreting Archaeological Artifacts (Gleach)
4235/7235 Meaningful Stuff: Interpreting Material Culture
4246/7246 Human Osteology
4250/6250 Archaeological Research Design (Smith)
4258/6258 Archaeological Analysis (Henderson)
4260 Field and Analytical Methods (Jordan)
4263 Zooarchaeological Method (Russell)
4264 Zooarchaeological  Interpretation (Russell)
4510/6510 Advanced Fieldwork Historical Archaeology (Baugher)
4520/6520 Advanced Lab Historical Archaeology (Baugher)
4748 In Search of the Ancient Artist (Platt)
4755/5729 Archaeological Dendrochronology (Manning)
6729 Climate, Archaeology, and History (Manning)


3232/6232 Politics of the Past (Russell)
3269/6269 Gender and Age in Archaeology (Russell)

4113/7113 Archaeology of the Everyday (Khatchadourian)
4120/6120 Archaeology of Orientalism (Khatchadourian)
4150 Archaeology of Greek Religion (Barrett)
4153 Political Lives of Things (Smith)
4209/7209 Approaches to Archaeology (Jordan)
4230/7230 History of Archaeological Thought (Smith)
4267 Origins of Agriculture (Russell)
4270/7270 Political Economy in Archaeology (Jordan)
4450/7450 Faces of Power (Anderson)

4670 Wealth and Power Early Civilization (C. Monroe)
6230 Humans and Animals (Russell)
6267 Contemporary Archaeological Theory (Russell)
6401 Material Theory I: Landscape/Place (Smith)
6402 Material Theory II: Assemblage/Object (Smith)
6738 Networks in Archaeology (Van Oyen)
7742 Research Methods in Archaeology (Manning, Smith)