Master’s Program ARKEO courses by distribution


3210/6210 Historical Archaeology
3245/6245 Across the Seas: Contacts between the Americas and the Old World Before Columbus
3248/6248 Iroquois Archaeology

3255/6255 Archaeology of Mexico and Central America
3256/7256 Ancient Civilization of the Andes
3600/6660 Preindustrial Cities/Towns North America
4216/6256 Maya History
4220/7220 Inkas and their Empire
4233/6233 Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology

4256 Books of Fate, Books of the Ancestors
4262/7262 Çatalhöyük and Archaeological Practice
4268/7268 Aztecs and Their Empire: Myth, History, Politics
4272/6272 Historical Archaeology of Indigenous Peoples
4517/7517 Saving Synagogues: Architecture, Historic Preservation, and Commemoration
4550 Archaeology of Phoenicians
4635 Advanced Introduction to Greek and Roman Culture
4650 Hellenistic Religions
4664/6664 Late Bronze World-Ugarit
4739 Archaeology of the Aegean Bronze Age
4351/6351 Problems in Byzantine Art

5450 Parks and Imperial Flora of Ancient Rome
7729 Emergence of Greek Civilization
7743 Archaeology of the Hellenistic Mediterranean
7754 Themes in Mediterranean Archaeology


3270/6270 Environmental Archaeology
4011/6211 Ceramic Analysis for Archaeology
4020/6020 Designing Archaeological Exhibits
4066 Identifying and Interpreting Archaeological Artifacts
4235/7235 Meaningful Stuff: Interpreting Material Culture
4250/6250 Archaeological Research Design
4258/6258 Archaeological Analysis
4260 Field and Analytical Methods
4263 Zooarchaeological Method
4264 Zooarchaeological  Interpretation
4510/6510 Advanced Fieldwork Historical Archaeology
4520/6520 Advanced Lab Historical Archaeology
4748 In Search of the Ancient Artist
4755/5729 Archaeological Dendrochronology
6729 Climate, Archaeology, and History


3232/6232 Politics of the Past
3269/6269 Gender and Age in Archaeology

4113/7113 Archaeology of the Everyday
4120/6120 Archaeology of Orientalism
4150 Archaeology of Greek Religion
4153 Political Lives of Things
4230/7230 History of Archaeological Thought
4267 Origins of Agriculture
4209/7209 Approaches to Archaeology
4270/7270 Political Economy in Archaeology
4450/7450 Faces of Power

4670 Wealth and Power Early Civilization
6230 Humans and Animals
6267 Contemporary Archaeological Theory
6401 Material Theory I: Landscape/Place
6402 Material Theory II: Assemblage/Object
6738 Networks in Archaeology
7742 Research Methods in Archaeology