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RadioCIAMS: Bill Angelbeck on Modes of Production in the Pacific NW

net fishing

Historical net fishing in the Pacific Northwest.

On September 18, 2015, Bill Angelbeck (Douglas College) met with a panel of CIAMS faculty (Kurt Jordan) and students (Kathleen Garland, Perri Gerard-Little, Samantha Sanft, and Erin Wright) to discuss the application of modes of production analysis to anarchic societies, focusing on the Pacific Northwest. The recorded discussion of about an hour opens below.


RadioCIAMS: Aaron Burke on the Egyptian fortress at Jaffa

Reconstruction of the entry gate to the Egyptian fortress. Photo credit: Martin Peilstöcker (The Jaffa Cultural Heritage Project)

Reconstruction of the entry gate to the Egyptian fortress. Photo credit: Martin Peilstöcker (The Jaffa Cultural Heritage Project)

On September 9, 2015 Aaron Burke (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, UCLA),  met a panel of CIAMS students (Jenny Carrington, Gabby Borenstein, Jess Pfundstein, Andrew Crocker), faculty (Chris Monroe), and researchers (Brita Lorentzen) to discuss his excavations at the Late Bronze Age Egyptian fortress at Jaffa, in present-day Israel. He also gave a CIAMS lecture the evening prior. The recorded discussion of about 45 minutes opens below.



RadioCIAMS: Steven Wernke on Andean Landscapes under Inka and Spanish Colonialism

On March 27, 2015 Vanderbilt University archaeologist Steven Wernke met a panel of CIAMS students (Anastasia Kotsoglou, Bill Mastandrea, Lucius Elliott, Jess Pfundstein, Jenny Carrington) and faculty (Lori Khatchadourian, Chris Monroe) to discuss his award-winning book, Negotiated Settlements, Andean Communities and Landscapes under Inka and Spanish Colonialism. The recorded discussion of about an hour opens below.

RadioCIAMS: Ben Arbuckle on Big Data archaeology and Neolithic animal economics

s200_benjamin.arbuckleBenjamin Arbuckle (Anthropology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) met a panel of CIAMS students (John Gorczyk, Perri Gerard-Little, Kathryn Weber, Nils Niemeier) and faculty (Nerissa Russell) on March 17, 2015 in the LOL to discuss Neolithic animal economies in SW Asia and ‘big data’ projects generally. He also gave a CIAMS Lecture the evening prior and a CIAMS Workshop on ‘Big Data’ projects on the 17th. Arbuckle’s research addresses topics ranging from the origins and spread of domestic livestock in the Neolithic to the social and economic uses of animals in early complex societies. He directs the ‘Central Anatolian Pastoralism Project,’ and has worked at Çadır Höyük, Acemhöyük, Köşk Höyük, and Direkli Mağarası (all in Turkey). The hour-long discussion opens below:

RadioCIAMS: Matt Johnson on Phenomenological Approaches to Landscape Archaeology

Bodiam castleOn March 13, 2015  Matthew Johnson (Anthropology, Northwestern University) met a panel of CIAMS students (Sam Barber, Jenna Bittenbender, Kathryn Weber, Eilis Monahan) and faculty (Adam Smith, Chris Monroe) prior to his public talk for the Anthropology Colloquium to discuss phenomenological approaches in British landscape archaeology and the case of Bodiam Castle. The wide-ranging discussion responded to Matt’s chapter in The Public Value of the Humanities (2012), his 2011 paper in Annual Review of Anthropology , and current issues in global heritage preservation in the wake of destruction carried out by the Islamic State. The full 57 minute conversation opens in the audio stream below:

RadioCIAMS: Liz Robinson on the Roman integration of Larinum

elizabeth_robinsonOn February 10, 2015 Binghamton University archaeologist Elizabeth Robinson met with a panel of CIAMS students (Jess Pfundstein, Liana Brent, Nils Niemeier, and Tim Sorg) and CIAMS Director Sturt Manning to discuss her lecture the evening prior and a forthcoming work on the role of local women in the integration of Larinum (Italy) into the Roman state. The recorded discussion of about an hour opens with the link below.

RadioCIAMS: Shelley Wachsmann on deep-submergence archaeology and wheeled ships

 group shotOn November 12, 2014 Texas A&M University nautical archaeologist Shelley Wachsmann met with a panel of students (Brita Lorentzen, Carrie Fulton,  Xan Stepp) and faculty (Sturt Manning, Chris Monroe) to discuss deep-submergence archaeology and the overland, ritualized transport of ships in antiquity.  The panel prepared by reading Dr. Wachsmann’s chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Maritime Archaeology and attending his AIA lecture the evening prior. The recorded conversation of around 53 minutes opens in the link below.

RadioCIAMS: Peter van Dommelen (Brown University) on mobility, migration, and archaeology in Sardinia

pvandomm_thumbProfessor of Archaeology and Anthropology Peter van Dommelen (Brown University) presented “Connected Communities: Undocumented Migration and Material Practices in the West Mediterranean,” Wed. Nov. 5  and joined a panel of CIAMS faculty (Sturt Manning and Chris Monroe) and students (Bonnie Etter, Perri Gerard-Little, Katie Kearns, Julia Gruhot, and Nils Niemeier) the morning of Nov 6 for a panel discussion about his talk and related articles (van Dommelen 2014 in World Archaeology, and introduction to Cabana and Clark eds. 2011). Dr. van Dommelen carries out fieldwork on Sardinia, concentrating on landscapes, colonialism and connectivity in the 1st millennium BCE. The recorded discussion of about 53 minutes duration opens below.

RadioCIAMS: Nadine Moeller (Oriental Institute) podcast on Tell Edfu

Moeller EdfuDr. Nadine Moeller (Associate Professor of Egyptian Archaeology at the Oriental Institute, Chicago) presented The context of the Khayan sealings from Tell Edfu: Chronological and historical implications for the Second Intermediate Period in Egypt” on  Oct 6, 2014,  and participated in a CIAMS podcast the following morning. The student panel was composed of Eilis Monahan, Jess Pfundstein, Katie Kearns, Bill Mastandrea, and Freddy Loew. They asked questions about the lecture and a related article in Near Eastern Archaeology 75.2  (2012).  CIAMS Director Sturt Manning introduced our guest, and Cornell Egyptologist Caitie Barrett was also on the panel. Dr. Moeller has been directing the Tell Edfu Project since 2001, and has excavated in Egypt at Abu Raswash, Memphis, Zawiet Sultan (Zawiet el-Meitin), Theban West Bank, Valley of the Kings, Dendera and Elephantine. The recorded discussion opens below.

RadioCIAMS: Jennifer Birch, Northern Iroquoian Societies

birch_smileRadioCIAMS is the podcast series of the Cornell Institute of Archaeology and Material Studies (CIAMS). In these podcasts we seek to probe the critical debates in archaeology in conversation between leading practitioners and the next generation of researchers. 
On September 12, 2014 University of Georgia Assistant Professor Jennifer Birch met with a panel of CIAMS students (Perri Gerard-Little, Cynthia Kocik, and Samantha Sanft) and Cornell anthropologist Kurt Jordan to discuss recent research on Northern Iroquoian societies. The link below opens the audio recording of the discussion.