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NYSAA: Katie Kearns, Environmental change in Cyprus

KAMBE view

Katie Kearns (Ph.D. Classics student, Cornell U.) presents a lecture for the New York State Archaeological Association (NYSAA) series:  ”Investigating environmental change in first-millennium BC Cyprus: an integrated approach.”

6:30 pm, Wed Mar 5, Ithaca College Natural Sciences Bldg, Room 208.

NYSAA: John Henderson, “Hot air and politics: sweatbaths in ancient Mesoamerica”

John HendersonWednesday, February 12, 6:30 pm in room 208 of the Center for Natural Sciences at Ithaca College, John Henderson (Professor of Anthropology, Cornell) opens the New York State Archaeological Association’s lecture series with “Hot air and politics: sweatbaths in ancient Mesoamerica.”  Abstract: The constellation of associations revolving around Mesoamerican sweatbaths made them prominent in public, political life in ways that set them apart from Roman baths, Jewish mikvahs, Finnish saunas, Japanese sentös, and North American sweat lodges.  Continue reading

NYSAA: Brita Lorentzen, Dendro and radiocarbon at Al-Aqsa

NYSAA: Brita Lorentzen (Cornell Tree-Ring Laboratory) presents “From the Forest to the Mosque: New Tree-Ring and 14C Evidence for Dating Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque and Sourcing Its Timbers,”  6:30 pm Wed Oct. 2, 208 CNS Bldg, Ithaca College. Lorentzen uses dendrochronology (tree-ring dating) and modeling of sequences of 14C  dates (“wiggle-matching”) to obtain unprecedented dating precision for the al-Aqsa timbers and identify the forest area(s) from which these timbers were procured. Hosted by the New York State Archaeology Association (NYSAA, for more info, Brita kindly gave a Cornell version of the talk Tues Oct 8 at 12:30 in the Dendro Lab.