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CIAMS Workshop – Uthara Suvrathan

The CIAMS Workshop series resumes on Friday, November 13, 2015, where Uthara Suvrathan (Hirsch Postdoctoral Associate) will be discussing a chapter of her monograph in progress, Persistent Peripheries: Archaeological and historical landscapes of an ancient city in South India, 3rd c. BCE – 18th c. CE.

The workshop will take place from 12-1 p.m. in the LOL (McGraw 125). Attendees are invited to bring their own lunch.

To obtain a copy of the chapter draft for review, please contact Katie Jarriel (

CIAMS Workshop: Big Data with Ben Arbuckle

big data ArbucklePlease come join Ben Arbuckle (UNC Chapel Hill) and other grad students for a brown-bag workshop on Tuesday, March 17th at noon in the Landscapes and Objects Lab (125 McGraw). Ben will talk about “big data” projects in archaeology, which combine data sets from large areas and use them to answer large-scale questions related to things such as the timing and routes of domestication, the movement of ancient genetic populations, the origins and spread of secondary products, etc. Ben will distribute some interesting things to read and then open it up for a discussion about trends in the discipline, research design, opportunities, and more.  

Perri Gerard-Little, “A New Approach to Recursive Human-Landscape Relations in Iroquoia”

Perri picCIAMS Workshop: Anthropology Ph.D. candidate Perri Gerard-Little shares her work-in-progress, “A New Approach to Recursive Human-Landscape Relations in Iroquoia,” in open discussion. Tues Apr 7 2015 at 12 noon in the Landscapes and Objects Lab (LOL, 125 McGraw). Her draft paper is available via email to a week in advance. 

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Cynthia Kocik (Cornell Dendrochronology), “The Edges of Wood…”

Kockik CouncilHouse_JemisonCabin_LetchworthCIAMS Workshop: 2014 CIAMS MA graduate Cynthia Kocik discusses her work-in-progress, “The Edges of Wood: Dendrochronological Analysis of Three Seneca Iroquois Log Structures at Letchworth State Park, New York,” in open seminar format. Draft will be available from a week prior, so you may come with questions, and brown bag lunch if desired. Thurs Feb 5, 12:10 pm in Landscapes and Objects Lab (LOL, 125 McGraw Hall).

CIAMS Workshop: Ben Anderson (Art History), ”’An alternative discourse’: local interpreters of antiquities in the Ottoman Empire”

Ortakoy EskishehirCornell Art History Assistant Professor Ben Anderson discusses his work in progress, “‘An alternative discourse’: local interpreters of antiquities in the Ottoman Empire,” in open forum/workshop. Bringing own lunch encouraged. Fri Nov 14 , 2014 at 12:00,  Landscapes and Objects Lab (LOL, 125 McGraw). Reading distributed to CIAMS members via email; send request to Part of the CIAMS Workshop series.

CIAMS Workshop, L. Khatchadourian, ‘the Satrapal Condition’

satrapCornell Assistant Professor of Near Eastern Studies Lori Khatchadourian discusses a chapter from her book in progress,  The Satrapal Condition: Archaeology and the Matter of Empire, in open forum CIAMS workshop. Bringing own lunch is encouraged. Oct. 16, 2014 at noon,  Landscapes and Objects Lab (LOL, 125 McGraw). Chapter to discuss will be distributed about a week before. Those wishing to attend may request a copy by emailing

CIAMS Workshop: Adam Smith’s ‘Political Machine’ in Bronze Age Caucausus

vanBaburen Prometheus Vulcan SmithCornell Professor of Anthropology Adam Smith invites CIAMS faculty and members to critically discuss a chapter of his forthcoming book, The Political Machine: Assembling Sovereignty in the Bronze Age Caucasus (working title). A selected reading, “Chapter 1: On Assemblages and Machines,” will be distributed via email in August or September, 2014, and we will meet in the Landscapes and Objects Lab (LOL, 125 McGraw) to discuss it.

CIAMS Workshop: Chris Garces, Surveillance and liminality in Ecuador

CIAMS Workshop: Chris Garces, Cornell University anthropologist and Faculty Fellow at the Cornell Society for the Humanities, “Denuding Surveillance at the Carceral Boundary,” Wed Feb 12 4:30 Landscapes and Objects Lab (LOL, 125 McGraw). Garces invites discussion about his work on ethnographic “rites of passage” at checkpoint filters in a maximum security prison in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Garces abstract here