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Digital preservation summit in Washington

CyArk is a nonprofit with the mission of digitally preserving the world’s cultural heritage.  
On October 7-8, CyArk will be hosting its Annual Summit at the National Archives in Washington DC.  The overarching theme of the conference is “Democratization of Cultural Heritage: Enabling access to information, technology and support.” Attendees will be able to network and learn from presentations given by government, university, historic preservation and cultural resource management leaders such as Gustavo Araoz, President of ICOMOS, CyArk’s blue ribbon advisory council, Corine Wegener of the Smithsonian and US Committee of the Blue Shield, Richard O’Connor Chief of HABS, leadership and practitioners from the National Park Services, National Trust for Historic Preservation, and governments around the world. 
Attendees will also be able to see live demonstrations and learn about the latest technologies being applied to built heritage and digital humanities from speakers and sponsors that include Autodesk, Trimble SketchUp, A&E firms, and cultural resource management firms. 
Researchers and scholars will have the opportunity to learn about specific programs that CyArk is working on, such as the Atlantic Slave Trade and the Athena Project, and identify opportunities to collaborate where CyArk and other heritage institutions are actively seeking research partners.

Note that CyArk is offering a discounted student rate 

President Skorton op-ed: social science research in the balance

The FIRST Act has two flaws that could limit future discoveries

By David J. Skorton, Published: May 20

Congress soon will make an important set of decisions that could significantly impact our nation’s global technological and economic edge now and for years to come. The House Science, Space and Technology Committee is about to mark up legislation — the Frontiers in Innovation, Research, Science and Technology Act (FIRST Act) — to reauthorize a number of agencies and programs, including the National Science Foundation, charged with enabling the United States to uphold a position of world leadership in research and education. Read more in the Washington Post…

Curatorial Assistant position at Oriental Institute, Chicago

[from Jack Sasson's AGADE e-list]

Curatorial Assistant, Oriental Institute Museum
The Oriental Institute, University of Chicago
[Go there for full notice and to apply]

The University of Chicago’s Oriental Institute is an internationally recognized research center for studying the archaeological and textual record of the ancient Near East, including Egypt and Nubia. A primary unit within the Institute is its Museum, which houses over 300,000 registered objects. To find out more visit: Continue reading

Deadline for A&S Digital Collections Grants approaching

[From Gretchen Ritter, Dean of Arts and Sciences]

Dear Colleagues,

The deadline for the fifth round of the Grants Program for Digital Collections in Arts and Sciences is fast approaching. The goal is to build enduring digital resources in support of scholarly and teaching activities in the College of Arts and Science and at Cornell in general. The application process does not require any technical expertise – all you need is a good idea!

Information about the program’s goals, selection criteria, process, and timelines is available on the grants program website: Continue reading

Grants for Maritime Archaeology in Eastern Mediterranean

From Joan Porter MacIver <> via Jack Sasson’s Agade e-list:

The Honor Frost Foundation’s next deadline for HFF Grants is 1 April 2014 for projects in Marine and Maritime Archaeology with a regional focus on the Eastern Mediterranean.

HFF Grants are available to independent scholars, affiliated scholars and institutions, and are intended to support or facilitate research projects covering any period or aspect of maritime archaeology primarily for work in the Eastern Mediterranean.  HFF grants can also
support proposals that are involved with training, publications, workshops and conferences, conservation work, museum exhibitions, and public engagement and education in maritime archaeology. Continue reading

Archaeology job outlook is good but competitive

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of anthropologists and archeologists is projected to grow 19 percent from 2012 to 2022, faster than the average for all occupations. However, because it is a small occupation, the fast growth will result in only about 1,400 new jobs over the 10-year period.

Anthropologists and archeologists will be needed to study human life, history, and culture, and to apply that knowledge to current issues. Archeologists will also be needed to monitor construction projects, ensuring that builders comply with federal regulations on the preservation and handling of archeological and historical artifacts. More…