CIAMS Professor Sturt Manning Leads Dendrochronology Seminar at Pelendri (Cyprus)

Students from CIAMS and The Cyprus Institute participated in a dendrochronology seminar led by Profs. Sturt Manning and Nikolas Bakirtzis at Pelendri, Cyprus. Photo credit: The Cyprus Institute.

In conjunction with their archaeological fieldwork this summer in Cyprus, CIAMS students participated in a dendrochronology seminar led by CIAMS professor Sturt Manning and Professor Nikolas Bakirtzis of The Cyprus Institute. The seminar was held at the UNESCO-listed Church of the Holy Cross in the village of Pelendri.

According to The Cyprus Institute:

The seminar was organized in the context of the ongoing collaboration between STARC and the Cornell Tree Ring Laboratory and the Cyprus Department of Antiquities aiming to develop a specialized dendrochronology lab in Cyprus and to further pursue tree-ring dating for art and architecture in Cyprus and the broader region. This event marks the expanding collaboration between Cornell University and the Cyprus Institute which includes in addition to dendrochronology collaboration in the fields of Bioarchaeology and sub surface imaging.

The full story may be found at The Cyprus Institute’s website (link to external site), along with more photos from┬áthe seminar.

Collaborations with other research institutes such as The Cyprus Institute raise CIAMS’s profile on an international level and provide wonderful educational opportunities for our students. Several of the students participating in fieldwork with Prof. Manning were supported by grants from CIAMS’s Hirsch scholarship fund and from Cornell’s Department of Anthropology.