Perri Gerard-Little, “A New Approach to Recursive Human-Landscape Relations in Iroquoia”

Perri picCIAMS Workshop: Anthropology Ph.D. candidate Perri Gerard-Little shares her work-in-progress, “A New Approach to Recursive Human-Landscape Relations in Iroquoia,” in open discussion. Tues Apr 7 2015 at 12 noon in the Landscapes and Objects Lab (LOL, 125 McGraw). Her draft paper is available via email to a week in advance. 

Abstract: This paper builds on the way scholars have treated Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) site sequences in order to explore the complex relationship between people, settlements, and the broader landscape over time. Through a case study of the Seneca settlements occupied between 1550–1779 CE I argue that a more explicit approach to the assumptions built into geographic information systems (GIS) software can produce more nuanced understandings of sites, site interactions, and continued relations with landscapes. Although memory, perception and imagination may be archaeologically less accessible, it is important to acknowledge that they may have had considerable effect on how people participated in the longstanding modification of regional environments.