Uthara Suvrathan joins CIAMS as Hirsch Postdoctoral Associate in Archaeology

UtharaWe are pleased to announce the appointment of Uthara Suvrathan, Ph.D. (Anthroplogy 2012, University of Michigan) as the 2014-15 Hirsch Postdoctoral Associate in Archaeology.

Uthara’s research draws on both archaeological and textual material to examine the organization of polities and places on the margins of large socio-political systems and empires in South Asia. She is especially interested in the interaction between political and elite authority and religious institutions and structures in early south India. At Cornell, Uthara will be working on converting her dissertation into a monograph that examines the long term archaeological history of a regional capital in South India and investigates the persistence of places and people on the margins.

Uthara is also involved in collaborative projects aimed at preserving the archaeological heritage in south India and the sharing of archaeological data between scholars working in the region. Working with colleagues in India and the United States, these projects involve the documentation and preservation of previously un-recorded historic inscriptions, as well as the creation of a shareable database recording archaeological site information collected by scholars working across South Asia.

In Fall 2014 – date to be advised – Uthara will give a seminar, ‘Complexity on the Periphery: Regional centres and local elite in south Asia’, as part of the CIAMS Seminar series. We look forward to this, her arrival, and her presence in the CIAMS community. Welcome!