ANTH Colloquium: J. Sofaer, ‘Cartographies of the body…’

Joanna SoafaerANTH Colloqium: Joanna Sofaer, U. of Southampton, “Cartographies of the Body: Practice and Challenge in Human Bioarchaeology,” Fri, Feb 28, 3:30 McGraw 215. This paper explores bioarchaeological practice in terms of the mapping of the human body.  Traditional bioarchaeological ‘surveys’ of the body present methodological and conceptual tensions in understanding and representing the complexity of shape and the 3-dimensionality of the human skeleton. The latter are critical to obtaining insights into past lifeways and human experience since the body is a form of material culture that responds to interaction with the world. A reflection upon bioarchaeological practice provokes intellectual and methodological challenges in moving forward the considerable potential of the field. Co-sponsored by CIAMS.