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CIAMS in the Chronicle

Cornell Institute of Archaeology and Material Studies founded

archaeological dig

Cornell Ph.D. students Jeffrey Leon and Catherine Kearns excavate a late Bronze Age shrine at Gegharot, Armenia, with members of the local excavation team. A period of explosive growth in archaeology-related teaching and research at Cornell has culminated in the establishment of the new Cornell Institute of Archaeology and Material Studies (CIAMS). CIAMS will “leverage the interdisciplinary nature of the field today in order to generate the new ideas and collaborations which will lead the field tomorrow,” said Sturt Manning, CIAMS director and the Goldwin Smith Professor of Classical Archaeology. “The ‘material studies’ part of the CIAMS name reflects a renewed engagement with the material world,” Manning explained. “Many of the fundamental challenges of our time — climate change, social inequality, gun control — not to mention values we hold regarding aesthetics and behaviors — all emerge out of centuries and even millennia of human interaction with the vast world of material objects.”  Read more…